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Re: Octave 4.2 binary + all packages in Linux ?

From: Mike Miller
Subject: Re: Octave 4.2 binary + all packages in Linux ?
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2017 07:48:37 -0700
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On Sat, Aug 19, 2017 at 10:04:05 -0700, alexander-wilms wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I created a Flatpak of Octave a while back. So far the only issue I noticed
> is that it freezes when trying to plot using the Qt backend.
> The package will be added to Flathub ( in a few weeks,
> as soon as the KDE runtime is available there as well:
> If you want to try it, you can clone
>, switch to the org.gnu.Octave
> branch, initialize the submodule and run
> flatpak remote-add kderuntime --from
> flatpak install kderuntime org.kde.Platform 5.9
> flatpak install kderuntime org.kde.Sdk 5.9
> flatpak-builder --repo=octave-repo octave org.gnu.Octave.json
> flatpak remote-add --no-gpg-verify octave-repo octave-repo
> flatpak install octave-repo org.gnu.Octave
> flatpak run org.gnu.Octave

I think it would be better if you didn't name your package "org.gnu" or
"org.octave". Can you put it under a name that you own until it is
somehow vetted or incorporated into the official Octave distribution?

I admittedly don't know much about the naming schemes or the typical
process for adding an application to the registry. But it does not seem
right to me to try to publish a binary distrubtion of Octave under the
name "org.gnu" without permission to use that name.

If I were you I would name it "com.github.Alexander-Wilms.Octave", until
something more official can be resolved.



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