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Re: Create & Calling list of Matrix name

From: Sergei Steshenko
Subject: Re: Create & Calling list of Matrix name
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2019 04:23:48 +0200
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On 3/2/19 12:39 AM, quocphantruong wrote:
My problem is about naming and calling set of matrix name using loop
1. Let say I have a large matrix X(100x2). Now I want to cut this matrix
into 20 sub-matrixes and naming them from A1 to A20, each has size(5x2)

2. Then I need to perform some operation hence, need to call out matrix Ai
(for i=1:20) then how should I call them out in loop.

I search and there is some solution:
   for i = 1:20
     eval (sprintf ("A%d = %d;", i, i));

Howevever, this seems does not work with matrix. And I dont get how the code
is doing, if you could help me explain that would be great
THank you

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You might want your each small matrix to become a cell in a cell array ( ), and then you will use index of the cell in cell array to access your small matrices in your loop.


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