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Re: Unit tests

From: Andrew Janke
Subject: Re: Unit tests
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2019 02:56:54 -0500
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On 3/5/19 2:46 AM, Pavel Hofman wrote:

As of classes - I read that octave GUI does not support breakpoints in class methods. Perhaps the new version has it already implemented, not tested yet. I need breakpoints in GUI for development, being spoilt by advanced IDEs for regular languages :-)

I hear ya. No, breakpoints in class methods are still unimplemented as far as I know. I still debug them by manually inserting "keyboard" statements. So stick to lots of function .m files for now. :)

I think you want runtests() instead of test() here. test() tests a single function or class; runtests() runs a suite of tests from one or more directories.

Yes, runtests works great, thanks.

You may also be interested in my own Testify for Octave project ( It's an enhanced unit test (BIST) interface that provides nicer summary info and stuff when running tests on directories containing multiple source files. If there's demand for it, I'll see about adding an xUnit framework port.


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