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How to Uninstall Octave 5.0.1? - Windows 10

From: NickOutside
Subject: How to Uninstall Octave 5.0.1? - Windows 10
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2019 18:51:11 -0500 (CDT)

First things first:

1. Went to wiki page  here.

2. Clicked this link:  Link <>  

3. Installed Octave from this .zip file at the bottom:

I now want to uninstall Octave entirely. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear in
my Add/Remove Program list. Additionally there is no uninstall.exe or
similar file in the installation directory. 

Looking through the online documentation  here
on, the only mention of 'uninstalling' anything is in section
37.1 for 'Installing and Removing Packages'. 

Frankly, I'm wildly inexperienced in programming, and don't really know what
a 'package' even is. I see that the >>pkg list command will show me a list
of maybe 40 'packages' I have installed. Is uninstalling all the packages
the same as uninstalling Octave? Do I uninstall all the packages then just
delete the installation directory?

In my mind I'm thinking for example, 'When I install Microsoft Word it is
installed to a program directory, shows up in my add/remove programs, and
when I click uninstall, all of its components are removed from my computer,
and the associated program files deleted'. How do I perform the equivalent
of this for Octave?

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