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help - image representation not filling figure window

From: Joe Tusek
Subject: help - image representation not filling figure window
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2019 10:13:59 +0000



When plotting images using imshow, the resulting images resist expansion outside of their present boundaries under mouse control. Whilst in many cases it could be argued that the image does not warrant expansion, enabling it can reduce visual stress and is common when wanting to inspect pixels. Maybe there is already a plot option for this?


The following code generates the attached image,

zzf_ed = eye(512,256);

[H, theta, rho] = hough (zzf_ed, 'Theta', [-10:0.2:10]);

imshow (mat2gray (H), [],"XData",theta,"YData",rho);

axis on; xlabel("theta [degrees]"); ylabel("rho [pixels]");


There is a sequence of mouse and button operations that seem to do most of what I am after but are a very cumbersome way of achieving it. This involves using the Tools menu on the figure and enabling mouse zoom. This then enables me to expand the axes of the plot across the figure window and then by zooming in on the image I can achieve some improvement in zoom. It’s not really giving the same outcome as just dragging the corners of the image to form a new plot boundary for the figure, which is what I was expecting to be able to do.


Also, a right-click figure copy function would be handy.


I am using W10 and Oct 5.1.0.





Joe Tusek (BE MBA)
Technical Director
23 Warabrook Boulevard, Warabrook, NSW 2304
P +61 2 4961 9000  M +61 418 669 250

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