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octave-communicatinos-1.2.1 installaiton error

From: ksjak
Subject: octave-communicatinos-1.2.1 installaiton error
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2019 06:13:20 -0600 (CST)

Hi All

I am trying to install package communication-1.2.1 with octave 5.1.0.  got
below error,

/make: *** [genqamdemod.oct] Error 1                                 
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....                           
make: Entering directory `/tmp/oct-i3YwV4/communications-1.2.1/src' 
/usr/local/octave/5.1.0/bin/mkoctfile-5.1.0 -DGALOIS_DISP_PRIVATES -o __errcore__.oct
/usr/local/octave/5.1.0/bin/mkoctfile-5.1.0 -DGALOIS_DISP_PRIVATES -o __gfweight__.oct
/usr/local/octave/5.1.0/bin/mkoctfile-5.1.0 -DGALOIS_DISP_PRIVATES -o cyclgen.oct          
/usr/local/octave/5.1.0/bin/mkoctfile-5.1.0 -DGALOIS_DISP_PRIVATES -o cyclpoly.oct        
/usr/local/octave/5.1.0/bin/mkoctfile-5.1.0 -DGALOIS_DISP_PRIVATES -o genqamdemod.oct  
/usr/local/octave/5.1.0/bin/mkoctfile-5.1.0 -DGALOIS_DISP_PRIVATES -c -o galois-def.o   
make: Leaving directory `/tmp/oct-i3YwV4/communications-1.2.1/src'              

pkg: error running `make' for the communications package.
error: called from                                       
    configure_make at line 99 column 9                   
    install at line 184 column 7                         
    pkg at line 441 column 9 

I have tried the solution Kai recommended a year back,

  $ wget
-O communications-1.2.1.tar.gz
  $ tar -xf communications-1.2.1.tar.gz 
  $ rm communications-1.2.1.tar.gz
  $ cd communications-1.2.1/
  $ patch -p1 < ../octave-4.4-all.patch
  $ cd ..
  $ tar -zcf communications-1.2.1.tar.gz communications-1.2.1
  $ rm -R communications-1.2.1

but that not helped.

then found,

 $ hg clone
 $ cd octave-communications
 $ hg patch ../octave-4.4-all.patch
 $ make all
 $ make install
here i am not sure on how to do this, since i am downlaoding the tar ball of
each package and compiling it...

can anyone please help me here?


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