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Re: Octave should create a forum

From: GoSim
Subject: Re: Octave should create a forum
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2019 11:01:31 -0600 (CST)

Octave - General mailing list wrote
> Irrelevant - especially taking into account that GPL is the most 
> oppressive and hypocritical "free" license out there. I.e. the main 
> consideration should be user convenience - not FSF dogma.
> --Sergei

Why is GPL oppressive and hypocritical? Maybe I agree in some cases, it only
seems to work for projects with backing from large institutions or companies
who want to share dev cost. For programs without such backing obviously
commercial licenses brings about more development of the product.
GPL needs a version where a sole developer can offer a free/open version and
a commercial version. My idea is that the free version should be completely
open to private people and the original author can use all contributions in
his commercial variant. Then people get a free/open version and the creator
get free code which he can use to target companies. Only the original author
can create commercial versions.
As it is now, without financial backing there is no reason to opening your
code even if you want your software to be free/open for private people. It's
a bad business move.

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