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Re: Binary image from a plot

From: N
Subject: Re: Binary image from a plot
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2020 14:16:01 +0200

> HI Nicklas, 
> I use print instead of saveas when saving the plot but as far as I know they 
> are very similar, aren’t they?: 
> # save as png monochrome
>         print(plothandler, filenameimage, "-mono”);

Yes at least for these cases they produce the same result I can't imagine it 
can make a difference.

> And when reading the image I’m using imread but the image has grayscale color 
> type and I should convert it to binary for the fitness function. Finally I 
> got it but at the moment I sent the first email I was a bit stuck on this.

Grayscale is like 253 shades of gray plus black and white. Binary is zero or 
one. You may compare grayscale matrix against a number to get a binary result, 
black and white picture.

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