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Re: Vectorized version of nlfilter

From: Nicklas SB Karlsson
Subject: Re: Vectorized version of nlfilter
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2020 10:19:34 +0200

> I've been working on a vectorized version of nlfilter (which can be used
> for non-linear filtering of pixel neighborhoods).  My version is attached
> (along with a driver).  Depending on the type of processing I've found it
> to be 10 - 1000 times faster than nlfilter.  It gets the speed boost at the
> cost of using more memory.  It is not completely compatible with nlfilter.
> The processing function is different.  For processing an image/matrix with
> P elements over an (m x n) neighborhood, the nlfilter function must accept
> an argument of size (m x n).  The function is called P times by nlfilter.
> The processing function used by nlfilter2 must accept an argument with (m x
> n) rows and P columns.  It is only called once.  Each column is a
> neighborhood of a pixel in left-to-right, top-to-bottom order.

Faster algorithm must always be appreciated, we must be grateful for the work.

Guess it could be added to ordinary nlfilter(...) function, either as a special 
case which is used automatically then input allow or an extra option to chose 
algorithm. Or?

> It is not as robust or general as nlfilter, but I expect it can be made
> so.  I have a different version of this function which allows you to
> perform neighborhood processing only over selected pixels (selected by a
> logical index matrix).  It also allows for other types of padding (both
> nlfilter and nlfilter2 only use zero-padding).  Let me know if you are
> interested.  It is currently even in rougher form than nlfilter2 though.

I can't add files to the official repository.

> Anyway, I hope someone finds this useful.  I'd appreciate (constructive)
> feedback.
> Tony

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