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Re: msh package for finite element meshes

From: N
Subject: Re: msh package for finite element meshes
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2020 01:12:30 +0200

> Hi Guys
> I see that there is a msh package used to generate a mesh for finite element
> analysis. The documentation for this package is very poor, has anyone
> managed to use this package or something similar?

I used mesh functions with within FEM program but may bew able to help you 

Related to this I used some kind of modified interpolation method provided by 
someon here to interpolate measurement data using delaunay mesh, same type of 
triangulation used for finite element analysis. This interpolation function 
might be useful if you need to visualize data not just at point solved, for 
example following a plane or a line. To import solution into Octave may also be 
useful if further calculations are needed on solution.

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