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Re: System command issue

From: Pavel Hofman
Subject: Re: System command issue
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 09:03:03 +0200
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Dne 30. 07. 20 v 7:01 Kai Torben Ohlhus napsal(a):
On 7/30/20 7:22 AM, Mario Cachile wrote:
I've been running version 4.2.2 on linux (Ubuntu 18.04) and recently I've
installed the 5.2 version from snapd, so now I have both versions running.
The problem I have is when I invoke "system" command, in particular I'm
interested in "pdflatex", which is "not found" in the newer version, but
runs perfect in the older one.
Maybe there are better solutions.  I am interested too =)

I have been running Octave 5.1/recently 5.2 from ppa on 18.04. Works fine as a regular deb package.

The flatpack package did not allow me to forge install octave packages which required additional libraries (i.e. database, zeromq, etc.)


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