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Re: Not able to add delay to transfer function

From: Sergei Steshenko
Subject: Re: Not able to add delay to transfer function
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2020 02:16:53 +0300
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On 04/08/2020 1:49, GoSim GoSim wrote:
The controller i do is not a PID, it's a more advanced tf, so if you can only implement a PID with electronics don't waste your time with the questions and forget them.


If it was a reply (mostly) to me, I gave PID as a simple example. Obviously, one can implement whatever controller he wants and still simulate it in SPICE-like simulator.


Extending the topic (or offtopic) - there is a Julia package to interface LTSpice: . The point being one can code, say, global optimization around LTSpice. E.g. one can decide to implement, say, a 6th order controller and play with parameters no manually, but using in the case Julia and set optimization criteria as one wishes, e.g. some combination of slew rate and overshoot.


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