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sparsersb 1.0.8 package release

From: Michele Martone
Subject: sparsersb 1.0.8 package release
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2020 10:50:23 +0200
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Dear Octave users and maintainers,
Dear librsb users,

Version 1.0.8 of the "sparsersb" Octave package [1] is out.

 "sparsersb" gives Octave users transparent access to the 
 shared-memory parallel sparse matrices library "librsb", 
 useful when you are multiplying repeatedly huge sparse 
 matrices, particularly symmetric ones.

A summary of important user-visible changes is available online [2]
and it's mostly bugfixes, tests, and a small efficiency fix.
Note that this version requires librsb- (just released [3])
or later to work.

Thanks to Marco Atzeri, Rafael Laboissiere, and Olaf Till for 
direct help with this release.

Happy computing with GNU/Octave,


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