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Re: Octave communications package

From: Doug Stewart
Subject: Re: Octave communications package
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 15:07:13 -0400

On Sat, Aug 29, 2020 at 3:02 PM Bill via Help-octave <> wrote:
  I have just signed up for the help forum. In running some of the
examples from the comm doc I have gotten the following :

1) Bose Chaudhuri Hocquenghem (BCH) block codes

octave:111> cdec = encode (bi2de (msg), n, k, "hamming/decimal")
error: fix: not defined for galois
error: called from
    bi2de at line 60 column 3

  octave:113> pg = pgs(floor (rand () * (rows (pgs) + 1)),:)
error: pgs(0,_): subscripts must be either integers 1 to (2^31)-1 or logicals

    gg = rsgenpoly (n, k, prim, b, s)
    msg = gf (floor (2^m * rand (17, k)), m, prim);
    noisy = code + [toeplitz([ones(1,17)], zeros(1,17)), zeros(17,238)];
      warning: toeplitz: column wins diagonal conflict
      arning: called from
    toeplitz at line 80 column 7
[dec, nerr] = rsdec (msg, n, k, b, s)
error: rsdec: coded message contains incorrect number of symbols


Running Gnu Octave compiled on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Debian(buster)
gcc version 8.3.0 (Raspbian 8.3.0-6+rpi1)

Thanks, Bill

What version of Octave are you using?

DASCertificate for 206392

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