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Loading Matlab mat file

From: Lester Anderson
Subject: Loading Matlab mat file
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2022 16:38:43 +0100

Hi all,

I am trying to load a .mat file but get an error message:
warning: load: can not read non-ASCII portions of UTF characters; replacing unreadable characters with '?'

I checked via Python and the structure looks like this:

from scipy import io

loaded = io.loadmat('solar_system.mat')

{'__header__': b'MATLAB 5.0 MAT-file, Platform: PCWIN64, Created on: Tue Mar 29 17:49:58 2016',
 '__version__': '1.0',
 '__globals__': [],
 'None': MatlabOpaque([(b'solar_system', b'MCOS', b'System', array([[3707764736],
                      [         2],
                      [         1],
                      [         1],
                      [         1],
                      [         6]], dtype=uint32))                      ],
              dtype=[('s0', 'O'), ('s1', 'O'), ('s2', 'O'), ('arr', 'O')]),
 '__function_workspace__': array([[ 0,  1, 73, ...,  0,  0,  0]], dtype=uint8)}

No idea what all this means as I do not have Matlab to verify. Any ideas how to work this file format? Trying to get a Solar System simulation running but it has a few .mat files to deal with! Just want to be able to access the variables/arrays in the file.

Any pointers would be great.


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