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[help-recutils] recsel no integrity checks?

From: Sven Wick
Subject: [help-recutils] recsel no integrity checks?
Date: Tue, 03 May 2011 23:56:56 +0200
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I am playing around with recutils 1.3
and the %type field of the record descriptor.

I created this file manually with a text editor:

    # foo.rec
    %type: ID int

    ID: 1
    foo: bar1

    ID: x
    foo: bar2

When I do a simple

    $ recsel foo.rec

it prints

    ID: 1
    foo: bar1

    ID: x
    foo: bar2


    $ recfix foo.rec

gives me

    foo.rec:8: error: invalid integer.

Trying to insert a new record

    $ recins -f ID -v 3 -f foo -v bar3 foo.rec

returns with

    recins: error: operation aborted due to integrity failures.

When I remove the invalid record from the file
the insertion via recins succeeds.

I know, adding records should be done be recins
but sometimes it is quicker to edit something with a text editor.

So, is it intended behavior of recsel not doing integrity checks?

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