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[help-recutils] Select records by number

From: F.
Subject: [help-recutils] Select records by number
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2012 11:52:40 +0100
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Hi Jose !

first many thanks for recutils, it's great, it's excactly what I need
for my day to day usage, I love it !

Some feature thinking :

It'll be great if the recsel's num option (-n) can be more than a position 


select a range of records
recsel -n 1-10 path_to_my_file

multiple select records
recsel -n 1,5,8,123 path_to_my_file

select a range and specifics records
recsel -n 1-10,15,17,20-23 path_to_my_file

select a random records
recsel -r apath_to_my_file

select 5 random of records
recsel -r 5 apath_to_my_file

For the a random record I use this in my script:




# How many records I have
MAX=$(recsel -c $FILE)

# Find a random number in my records range
NUM=$[ ( $RANDOM % $MAX  + 1 ) ]

# recsel the random position
recsel -n $NUM $FILE


Sorry I cannot help to code, I'm only a user ...

Have a nice day.

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