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Re: [help-recutils] referencing records in another file

From: Sebastian Fischmeister
Subject: Re: [help-recutils] referencing records in another file
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2014 14:21:06 -0500
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>     Is it possible to reference records in another file through foreign
>     keys? I see in the manual that you can have remote descriptors, but can
>     you also reference the contents of another file? Something like an
>     %include statement would be a simple solution for that.
> Hm, not at the moment, other than piping all the involved files to a
> recsel.  At some point I thought of supporting an auto-load mechanism,
> where recsel would automatically open a file called FOO.rec every time a
> record of type FOO is referenced.

It would be a very nice feature. Especially, if it also supports remote
descriptors, so you can point to URLs; best of course with support for
basic authentication and https. libcurl would be good for that.


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