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Re: [help-recutils] readrec

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [help-recutils] readrec
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2015 17:03:55 +0100
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Hi Tim.

    By strong preference,  I use the Gentoo distribution of GNU Linux.
    Unfortunately,  I havent found a workable alternative to MS Access to
    manage a few linked database tables for work.
    I recently discovered and emerged recutils,  which seems to be what I
    However the manual mentions a readrec command,  which does not seem
    to be available under Gentoo.
    Do you know how I can add this to my system?  ie create a suitable
    ebuild so I can compile it?
    Then I can leave Windows behind forever ...

The readrec program needs some headers from bash, which in some distros
are distributed in packages like Debian's bash-builtins.  If Gentoo has
such a package, install it and then emerge recutils again; the configure
script will pick up the headers and build readrec.

Otherwise you could do it manually:

$ wget
$ tar xzf bash-4.3.tar.gz && mv bash-4.3 bash
$ wget
$ tar xzvf recutils-1.7.tar.gz
$ cd recutils-1.7
$ ./configure --with-bash-headers=PATH/TO/bash/
$ make install

The commands above will build and install recutils in /usr/local.
Good luck! :)

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