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[help-recutils] org-babel-execute-buffer returns "Beginning of buffer" i

From: Charles Millar
Subject: [help-recutils] org-babel-execute-buffer returns "Beginning of buffer" if no record found
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2015 07:46:20 -0400
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I am cross posting to these two lists rather than the org-mode list in case this is an issue particular to ob-rec.el rather than in ob-core.el

I am setting up a template for my .rec files, such as

#+begin_src rec :data Foo.rec :type Finance :fields bar,baz,etc
 AccountSchedule = "A"


#+begin_src rec :data Foo.rec :type Finance :fields bar,baz,etc
 AccountSchedule = "B"


#+begin_src rec :data Foo.rec :type Finance :fields bar,baz,etc
 AccountSchedule = "C"


#+begin_src rec :data Foo.rec :type Finance :fields bar,baz,etc
 AccountSchedule = "D"


and I want to execute all the source blocks by running org-babel-execute-buffer.

My problem for instance is, "Foo.rec, type Finance" may not have any records with an AccountSchedule=C. The source blocks for AccountSchedule=A and AccountSchedule=B, execute perfectly, but everything stops at AccountSchedule=C since at the moment, and possibly never, there are no records with a field entered as "AccountSchedule: C". I receive a message "Beginning of buffer" after I confirm execution of the SCHEDC src block, and execution of the block ceases.

I would rather execute the buffer rather than C-c C-c each src block (there are about fifteen in the template).

Is there a fix so that execution will continue to the end even though no record is found that matches the SEX within the src block buffer?

Charlie Millar

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