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Newbie sort question

From: Arthur Martinson
Subject: Newbie sort question
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2021 17:39:00 -0500

I am new to recutils but somewhat familiar with SELECTS in SQL.

I simply cannot get %sort to work.

I have started a TODO d/b with this and it works:

%rec: Todo
%doc: Stuff I gotta get done.
%type: Status enum New Open Done Canceled
%type: Priority enum 3 2 1
%type: Category enum Home Personal Work

The records will look like this example:

SubmittedOn: 20211106
Status: New
DueOn: 20220514
Priority: 3
Category: Personal
Summary: Master recutils

(I'd like to have the dates as int, like YYYYMMDD above. ClosedOn will
be blank until Done or Canceled.)

I added this at then end of the "record set" (?) portion:

%type: DueOn int
%sort: DueOn

The shell simply returns "Segmentation fault" if I execute:

recsel rectodo2.rec

I have not used an Id field. (It may get stripped out, but I tried to
attach rectodo2.rec file.)

Thank you for any guidance.


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