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arcfour: hmac-md5 vs. md5

From: Elrond
Subject: arcfour: hmac-md5 vs. md5
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 17:46:25 +0200
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this is still about TGS. I just noticed, that we have too
many buttons (parameters) to press and try stuff. So I
decided to start from scratch and look only at one

arcfour-hmacs default checksum.
Either hmac-md5 or plain-md5 (MD_RSA_MD5).
(I modified crypto-rc4.c for this "parameter change").

Other parameters:
        cipher: "arcfour-hmac" only.
        preauth: enabled
        subkey in TGS: enabled


        Sending a TGS with hmac-md5 gets me a "Message
        stream modified" from the w2k3-kdc.

        Doing the same with plain-md5 gets me a response,
        that shishi can't decrypt.

        Version: 0.7.2 from Debian/testing

        Both variants work and I can't really discover any

        Both give this warning from shishi at TGS-time:

        "libshishi: warning: KDC bug: Reply encrypted using wrong key."

>From my limited point of view, this looks like shishi and
heimdal are consistent to each other with the hmac-md5, but
shishi and w2k3 do not seem to share this.

This is particular confusing to me, as arcfour-hmac was
invented by the guys at ms. So either their spec isn't
correct or heimdal and you seem to have misread it (no
reproach intended!).

So what next?


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