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Re: Shishi Summer of Code

From: Elrond
Subject: Re: Shishi Summer of Code
Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 16:10:07 +0200
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On Wed, May 03, 2006 at 03:50:49PM +0200, Simon Josefsson wrote:
> > If I were eligible. ;o)
> > (Just (successfuly) left university and looking around for
> > a PhD place.)
> If you are still enrolled at the university, I think you would still
> be eligible...

I am not 100% sure, if I am enrolled still (long story,
hopefully final meeting with administrative division
tomorrow. Current prediction: I'm not enrolled any more.)


I have read most of the student and mentor faq.

> > Acting as a full-time mentor doesn't look like it's paid at
> > all, so I can't offer that now.
> There is a USD 500 fee for mentoring organization, but I've forgotten
> what the decision was whether GNU wanted to keep it or if the mentor
> gets it.  There was a long discussion about it.  I should ask, I'm
> less interested if GNU wants to keep the money.

Right, same here.

Without paying, _I_ decide, where I help. :)

> I'm working on the TLS extensions instead, which allow X.509, OpenPGP,
> SRP, TLS-PSK, etc authentication.  I have received funding to complete
> the OpenPGP integration, but haven't had much time to work on it. :(

I didn't know, that OpenPGP integreates with kerberos. I
surely like that idea.
(My last contacts with x509 were not so nice. Maybe I just
got the wrong HOWTOs.)

> >>    3. Implement cross-realm authentication logic.
> >
> > That sounds like a tough job to me.
> >
> > If you get a "student" for that one, I surely want to get
> > in touch with her/him to learn about it.
> > (windows does _transitive_ cross-realm auth somehow
> > internally too. And I don't yet know much about it.)
> Cross-realm logic is described in RFC 4120 and isn't that difficult,
> you'll only have to query for an additional service with TGT, and then
> use it to talk with the next KDC.

The transitive point is the interesting one.

> >
> > semi-mentor for some projects.
> > I can also help a bit with the GSS/spnego project. (I just
> > hacked 25% of spnego for TNG a few days ago. ;) )
> Thanks!  I'll remember this if anyone signs up for it.  I'd wish you'd
> sign up as student and did it though. :)


I don't really have 3 months full time fot the soc.
That and the enrollment issue excludes me really.

(and I doubt, that spnego alone will get through as a
single job. It doesn't feel "big" enough.)


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