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Re: GnuTLS and RFC2712?

From: Sam Varshavchik
Subject: Re: GnuTLS and RFC2712?
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 18:30:10 -0500

Simon Josefsson writes:

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <address@hidden> writes:

On Thursday 24 January 2008, Simon Josefsson wrote:

Btw, Nikos, do you know if there is any license problem to use GPLv3
code with mod_gnutls?  As far as I understand, GPLv3 is compatible with
the Apache license, even though GPLv2 was not compatible.  But I may
have missed some point.

No, I already make use of gnutls-extra in mod_gnutls (in 0.5.0-alpha).

Ok, great.  I considered to put this in a libgnutls-shishi, to avoid
pulling in Shishi into applications that use libgnutls-extra.  But that
would slow down building GnuTLS even more, so I'm not sure it is worth

I can tell you that putting this into a separate libgnutls-shishi will make it much easier for distributions to package GnuTLS. Requiring shishi as a mandatory prerequisite for libgnutls-extra will have one of three results:

1) Distributions will avoid updating to the newer version of GnuTLS, for some period of time.

2) Distributions will patch it out themselves, and factor out the shishi-dependent bits into a separate module, and a separate subpackage.

3) Distributions will always package GnuTLS with shishi support turned off via configure, (or a configure patch).

Option #3 will be the likely option for distributions that do not include shishi at all, making it harder for people who want it, to actually use it (forcing them to rebuild GnuTLS for their distribution).

Option #2 will actually encourage distributions that do not presently include shishi to add it, and build GnuTLS with shishi support that users get by selecting the appropriate subpackage.

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