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Re: Shishi/GSS no-symbols-control-file lintian warning

From: Russ Allbery
Subject: Re: Shishi/GSS no-symbols-control-file lintian warning
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 16:33:03 -0800
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Simon Josefsson <address@hidden> writes:
> Russ Allbery <address@hidden> writes:

>> You should ideally adjust the 0.0.24 versions to instead be the first
>> version at which those symbols existed with their current ABI.  It
>> doesn't matter a tremendous amount the first time around, though; what
>> matters most is how the file is maintained in the future.

> The files I downloaded from mole seem to take care of this; it contained
> earlier version numbers for most symbols and newer version numbers on
> some more recent symbols.

Mole should get things mostly correct back to when it first started
running.  It won't get the versions right before that, but at this point
that probably doesn't matter much.

> Ok.  The advantage for Shishi is probably somewhat questionable right
> now, then, but I prefer for my packages to be neat and to implement the
> best current practices, so I'll work to make this happen.

That's generally the feeling I had about my packages as well.

> I'm getting close to upload 0.0.38 packages...  should I upload to
> experimental so you can review the package more easily, or can you
> review through the CVS repository and I can upload to unstable?  Unless
> you want to do the upload, of course.  Alas, the CVS repository doesn't
> seem to have any tags for the last upload, but you could compare to the
> version in lenny.

I can review through the CVS repository, sure.  I can also try to add the
historic tag based on date stamps.

Have you thought about moving to Git for the Debian packaging?

Russ Allbery (address@hidden)               <>

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