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Re: shishi-NLS: address@hidden is broken

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: shishi-NLS: address@hidden is broken
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2013 21:28:29 +0200
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Mats Erik Andersson <address@hidden> writes:

> onsdag den 17 april 2013 klockan 21:11 skrev Mats Erik Andersson detta:
>> tisdag den 16 april 2013 klockan 00:07 skrev Simon Josefsson detta:
>> > > There should really be a test whether these locales exist,
>> > > before creating the message templates.
>> > 
>> > Building these files should not require locales at all.  Perhaps there
>> > is a genuine gettext-on-FreeBSD bug lurking here?  Which gettext version
>> > are you using?
> Bug found!

Thanks for tracking this down!

> The intermediary pipe-chained call
>    ## Rules-quot
>    $(MSGFILTER) sed -f ` echo $lang | ...`
> is broken, because it depends on GNU Sed without saying so.

That would be a gettext bug, I would think.  I assume it should not
require GNU sed to work.

> Only changing 'sed' to 'gsed' in 'po/Rules-quot' after issuing
> 'gmake autoreconf', is sufficient to build the checked out
> source on FreeBSD 9.1. Observe, that 'GNU Make' is needed
> for initial preparation and now also GNU Sed for NLS preparation,
> but otherwise, BSD Make is sufficient for the build.

Right, GNU make is needed for building from VC, although it shouldn't be
required for building from tarballs.  It seems sub-optimal for GNU sed
to be required, if that can be avoided.

> The probable failure of BSD Sed together with GNU Msgfilter
> could possibly be identified by the following observation,
> taken from sed(1) of FreeBSD:
>    BUGS
>        Multibyte characters containing a byte with value 0x5C (ASCII '\')
>        may be incorrectly treated as line continuation characters in
>        arguments to the 'a', 'c', and 'i' commands. Multibyte characters
>        cannot be used as delimiters with the 's' and 'y' commands.
> Which mailing list would be appropriate for contributing
> the noted dependency on GNU Sed?

Msgfilter is part of gettext, so address@hidden according to
the manpage.


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