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On interoperability.

From: Mats Erik Andersson
Subject: On interoperability.
Date: Wed, 8 May 2013 20:05:59 +0200
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Hello there,

I would like to probe the collected knowledge on
the interoperability of Shishi with MIT and Heimdal.

I am running shishid-1.0.3 as KDC on Debian
and I use telnetd from GNU Inetutils git-HEAD.
(For the general audience: I am pushing forward
most development regarding Kerberos in Inetutils.)

 * From an FreeBSD-9.1 machine, its telnet/Heimdal
   as well as iu-telnet/Shishi, are equally capable
   at contacting iu-telnetd/Shishi co-located with

 * From the Debian system, iu-telnet/Shishi can
   authenticate and encrypt with telnetd/Heimdal
   and iu-telnetd/Shishi on the FreeBSD system.

 * The client telnet/Heimdal is able to connect
   to iu-telnetd/Shishi on FreeBSD correctly.

There is one disturbing failure:

 * The telnet/Heimdal client is not able to connect
   to the telnetd/Heimdal server on FreeBSD. The client
   is reporting "Message stream modified" or, less common,
   "Ticket expired".

What is the status in your settings? I know that encryption
posses a problem with the Solaris variant of MIT Kerberos
when operating against a Shishi driven server.

Best regards,
  Mats E A

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