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RE: [Help-smalltalk] Re: GNU Smalltalk

From: Dragomir Milivojevic
Subject: RE: [Help-smalltalk] Re: GNU Smalltalk
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 19:00:33 -0000


> Well, it has already been extended.  The VM is completely renewed when

I knew of some of these changes ... thanx for pointing them out ...

> volunteer to redesign the

Yup, I do ... I shall come up with something soon

> It is not flat... (I don't think so at least).  It goes like

Good ... I shall be looking into it some more, as I said I just started
reading it and got surprised by flatness. I am already working on awk
converter that is reading .h files and will be (for beginning) producing one
looooong clas with huge pile of primitives, later we can see how to split it
smarter. I hope to be done by the end of this week

> Maybe you confused the Blox hierarchy with the Browser's own widget

hmmm ... maybe

> If Gtk is properly factored, I am confident it won't.  Even Swing is

I think it should be ... it's tree is veri much larger then blox but
accessing it is pretty flat concept.

> The language itself was not mature and inflexible -- Swing's Listeners
> would be impossible to use without inner and anonymous classes.

Yup I agree ...

> Anyway, let's start implementing the GTK bindings, then we'll see!

right on it ... soon (I hope) we'll have something to show and then we can
enter blox debate once again. I shall I think, need your assistance with
blox if we are to convert into GTK.

One more thing, is there something already or should it be worthwile to
develop equivalent to "javadoc" ?

- DM -

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