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[Help-smalltalk] Tutorial Bug

From: Edward Grabczewski
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Tutorial Bug
Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 01:43:05 +0100

I'm a complete newbie to Smalltalk and so I need a good Tutorial. On the face of it the Web site manual seems okay to *look* at but in fact misses some crutical info that stops me dead in my track. Heres the problem.
In the Readme and online Tutoral (the second or third exercise from the start) we are told to enter the following commands. But they don't work ...
It says I shoud type:

x := Array new: 20 !
which returns the message:
assignment to undeclared variable x
Then when I'm told to type:

(x at: 1) printNl !

which *should* return

it in fact returns the error message:
undefined variable x referenced
So what's missing?
Eddy Grabczewski

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