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Re: [Help-smalltalk] misc problems

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] misc problems
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 00:02:41 +0200

> I've been playing with gst 1.96 and found some glitch
> in the new async file handling.

All fixed.

> (It seems the signal
> handler is never called by the OS (linux)). Is this a
> known problem ?

Only pipes and sockets use the signal.  poll/select
are called before establishing the signal, and for files
they always report the file to be readable/writeable.

> The other thing is in the buffering in FileStream.

Buggy in 1.96, fixed now.

> I was
> playing with the writeEnd and writePtr and I have not
> figured out why writeEnd is used.

To flush the write buffer: say you read 2000 bytes in
the buffer and rewrite bytes 1000 to 1500.  Then writePtr
is 1000 and writeEnd is 1500, and basicFlush will:
- save the position
- go to 1000
- write 500 bytes
- restore the position

> The new version is more stable when it comes to
> call-in/out (i cannot get my library to work under
> version 1.95.4). In both function the call
> cObjectFromTypedOOP seems to be missing (it is
> available in callin.c), is this function suspect?.

No, just forgotten :-)

> My library  has to be compiled with C++. In pubgst.h I
> found a small problem at line 154
>  extern "C" }
> should be simply
>             }


> Also every time I install gst i have to edit gst.h so
> that true and false become _true and _false. I seem to
> remember g++ having some flags to allow redefining
> true and false but can't find it....

Fixed too.

Thanks for the feedback, 1.96.1 is on the way!


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