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[Help-smalltalk] st> prompt does not show up

From: Calvin Perine
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] st> prompt does not show up
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 11:45:50 -0500

I have recently compiled and installed GNU SmallTalk on a Sun Ultra60 running Solaris 8.
Invoking gst seems to work fine but the   st>  prompt does not show up.

I compiled by doing
        ./configure --prefix=/net/Smalltalk --enable-modules=Blox,TCP
        make check  (all but one passed - low level float math didn't pass)
        make install

Here is my session. I invoked gst, typed in a simple Hello World print statement and executed. It seems to work fine but no prompt :

address@hidden> PATH=/net/SmallTalk/bin:${PATH}
address@hidden> echo $SHELL
address@hidden> gst -v
GNU Smalltalk version 1.95.10
written by Steve Byrne (address@hidden) and Paolo Bonzini (address@hidden)
Copyright 1988-92, 1994-95, 1999-2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

GNU Smalltalk comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.
You may redistribute copies of GNU Smalltalk under the terms of the
GNU General Public License.  For more information, see the file named

Using default kernel path: /net/SmallTalk/share/smalltalk/kernel
Using default image path: /net/SmallTalk/share/smalltalk
address@hidden> gst
GNU Smalltalk Ready

'Hello, World!' printNl !
Execution begins...
'Hello, World!'
returned value is nil
1236 byte codes executed
which took 0.001 seconds, giving 1236000 bytecodes/sec
98 primitives, percent 7.93
self returns 5, inst var returns 2, literal returns 4
99 method cache lookups since last cleanup, percent 8.01
47 method cache hits, 52 misses, 47.47 percent hits

Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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