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[Help-smalltalk] running web/

From: clemensF
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] running web/
Date: 15 Apr 2002 12:08:07 +0200

what do i have to do to run the web/  i'd like to have it
cookie/password authentication and flat file persistence, but, most
important, i have to give it a port >8880 and <8888, because this is our
firewall's hole for user-applications.

i paged thru this source file, but i'm not sure how to do it.  it's hard
trying to learn smalltalk from the sources alone, and the HTML manual
doesn't help much.  since i don't have any tex installation, i had to
mirror the gnu-site's html manual to get a local copy.

another question:  why does it seem that so much smalltalk looks vague?  it
has to do with the tree of reusable methods, right?  if so, how do
smalltalkers keep an overview of what's there and what isn't?  from other
languages and even commercial projects i'm used to see vast amounts of re-
implementations of code that has been done over and over in the past, just
because programmers were too lazy to look for it.

how does smalltalk make people look for stuff?  moreover, how do people
find that, given the vagueness coming out the class-browser i managed to
get up (thanks, mr. bonzoni)?

clemens fischer

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