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[Help-smalltalk] Little stack of bugs for you :-)

From: MSA or SJF
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Little stack of bugs for you :-)
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 14:36:43 -0800 (PST)

Some bugs, and some suggested fixes, if they are of
any use.

I've just realised that I haven't got round to moving
to 2.0h, so apologies if I'm reporting something that
you've already fixed.

(1) Changing namespaces in the namespace browser
changes the class list, but the protocol list,
selector list and text stay the same.
Suggest setting curClass := nil in NamespaceBrowser

(2) Clicking on an empty list (eg the selector list
just after adding a new protocol) gives an error.
It seems that two messages come through: the first
with index 1 (which is surely incorrect, though I
didn't trace where it comes from), the second with
index 0. The first message causes the error. You can
suppress it by amending PList #selection:at: to read
at the bottom:
value: (itemPosition > 0
    ifTrue: [(data perform: listMsg) 
        at: itemPosition 
        ifAbsent: [nil]]
    ifFalse: [nil])) ].

(3) If you click on the class radio button (ie meta)
to browse the class methods for BLOX Blox, you get a
stack that ends up:
Object: Blox class error: did not understand #<=
It seems that this is ultimately because #idle returns
Blox itself (the Class) as its methodCategory, which,
I would guess is because it is an ansynchronous
call-out, because the other call-outs return 'C
functions', nicely.
Things get a little involved at this stage, so I
haven't taken it any further than that.

I also find that if you add an instance variable in
the browser (or make any other change), and Accept, it
frequently does not work, but, confusingly, it seems
erratic - not necessarily throwing the same error each
time, and sometimes it works! I'll keep poking around
on this one.



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