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[Help-smalltalk] 2.1 pre-release out soon

From: Bonzini
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] 2.1 pre-release out soon
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 19:58:34 +0100

I'm publishing GNU Smalltalk 2.0j which is actually a pre-release for GNU
Smalltalk 2.1.

It includes a few bug fixes (mostly in the browser and in asynchronous
I/O -- thanks Carlos), preliminary GTK+ 2.x bindings (based on Norman's
work), a significant speedup of image startup when DLD is used a lot (as is
the case with GTK+ 2.x), nicer backtraces when crashes happen (including a
basic C backtrace, so that I don't have to bug people with running under
gdb!!!), and probably a few more things that I don't remember. (available
right now) (tomorrow together
with Freshmeat announcement)

This is a pre-release, so it is important that you take all your sadism out
of you and squash out all the bugs! (even in the JIT -- the only known
unsupported thing is debugging JITted code with both the Blox debugger and
the MiniDebugger).

|_  _  _ __
|_)(_)| ),'
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