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RE: [Help-smalltalk] RE: Mingwin Patch

From: Brent Fulgham
Subject: RE: [Help-smalltalk] RE: Mingwin Patch
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 10:15:42 -0800

> > WinX is a piece of MingWin (I believe it's an add-on) that supplies
> > definitions and implementations of various POSIX things in 
> > terms of their windows counterparts.
> Where do I find it?


I found the reference for this package:

Interestingly, most of the files are placed in the Public Domain, except
for some implementations that were taken directly from the GNU C library
(which are obviously GPL).  Consequently, it seems safe to use these
functions in GNU Smalltalk as there should be no licensing issues.



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