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[Help-smalltalk] [2.1-pre] Debian Woody unstable (Pentium 4)

From: Nicolas et Ryoko
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] [2.1-pre] Debian Woody unstable (Pentium 4)
Date: 12 Apr 2003 01:34:07 +0200
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I  am compiling 2.1-pre  with the  patch smalltalk-2.1-pre-2.1.diff.gz
applied,    and    the    attached    modifications    to    get    an
error-and-warning-free  build (even  with  --enable-warnings given  to
configure, what a playful day ;-) )

Then  comes  the  make  check  dance. The  sigsegv  testsm  the  SUnit
self-tests  and  the ANSI  tests  pass. The  other  (17  of 82)  tests
fail. Loading gst -rI into GDB shows a SIGSEGV due to
an __overflow ().

A breakpoint  in printf_string  reveals that *p  is running  along the
string '/home/nicolas/.stinit',  and then,  instead of finding  a '\0'
(which would break the loop), it finds at least one '0' (ASCII 0x30)

Breakpoint 1, printf_string (stream=0x83230e8, pinfo=0xbfffde90, args=0x6)
    at format.c:1151
(gdb) print *p
$32 = 79 'O'
(gdb) cont

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x4007fc04 in __overflow () from /lib/

How can I get rid of this ? Thanks in advance for any help.

GDB traceback is:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x4007fc04 in __overflow () from /lib/
(gdb) where
#0  0x4007fc04 in __overflow () from /lib/
#1  0x4007b89d in putc () from /lib/
#2  0x08072afa in snv_fileputc (ch=79, stream=0x83230e8) at printf.c:1035
#3  0x080731dc in stream_put (ch=79, stream=0x0) at stream.c:155
#4  0x080713c5 in printf_string (stream=0x83230e8, pinfo=0xbfffde90, args=0x0)
    at format.c:1151
#5  0x080721e9 in do_printfv (stream=0x83230e8, format=0x8092a84 "%.*s", 
    args=0x8326ee8) at printf.c:506
#6  0x08072734 in stream_vprintf (stream=0x83230e8, format=0x8092a84 "%.*s", 
    ap=0xbfffdf90 "0\030,@0\030,@����\001\237\006\b�02\b\230\",@", '�' <repeats 
32 times>, "<address@hidden") at printf.c:886
#7  0x080729be in stream_printf (stream=0x83230e8, format=0x8092a84 "%.*s")
    at printf.c:914
#8  0x08069c04 in print_string_to_stream (stream=0x83230e8, string=0x402c2298)
    at print.c:86
#9  0x08069f01 in printf_oop (stream=0x83230e8, info=0xbfffe110, args=0x0)
    at print.c:245
#10 0x0807156f in printf_generic (stream=0x83230b8, pinfo=0xbfffe110, 
    args=0x83230d8) at format.c:1205
#11 0x080721e9 in do_printfv (stream=0x83230b8, format=0x808e7c9 "%O\n", 
    args=0x83230d8) at printf.c:506
#12 0x08072734 in stream_vprintf (stream=0x83230b8, format=0x808e7c9 "%O\n", 
    ap=0xbfffe238 "\030����t\005\b����") at printf.c:886
#13 0x08072b61 in snv_vprintf (format=0x808e7c9 "%O\n", 
    ap=0xbfffe234 "0\030,@\030����t\005\b����") at printf.c:1081
#14 0x08072b1f in snv_printf (format=0x808e7c9 "%O\n") at printf.c:1057
#15 0x08057569 in _gst_execute_statements (temporaries=0x0, 
    statements=0x832b0cc, quiet=false) at comp.c:704
#16 0x08053d29 in _gst_yyparse () at gst-parse.y:140
#17 0x08055b61 in _gst_parse_stream () at lex.c:1097
#18 0x08053147 in process_file (
    fileName=0xbffffd88 "/var/tmp/")
    at lib.c:801
#19 0x08052bf7 in gst_top_level_loop () at lib.c:592
#20 0x080525f5 in main (argc=4, argv=0xbffffc34) at main.c:49


Attachment: smalltalk-2.1-1.diff
Description: Modifications over 2.1-pre + 2.1-pre-2.1 patch

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