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[Help-smalltalk] Problem with unwriteable image

From: Brett Cundal
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Problem with unwriteable image
Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 21:25:34 -0700
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I've noticed that when running the Blox browser if you try to save the
image to the default root-owned unwriteable location, stuff breaks.

I'm starting blox using the gst-blox script in the Debian package: "gst
-qK browser/", and I'm running gst 2.1.1.

If you start up with the default image and select save image, it
doesn't notify you that it can't write the image. After that the
Namespace and Class browsers load but are empty, and lots of other
things break. Likewise if you select "save image as..." and select the
unwriteable file it doesn't tell you that it failed.

Anyone able to reproduce that?

As a side note, I also noticed that if you have a in the
current directory, gst ignores it in favour of the system default
location... Is that correct behavior now?

-- Brett

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