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[Help-smalltalk] Compiling 2.1.2 - can't find Tcl

From: Carey Evans
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Compiling 2.1.2 - can't find Tcl
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 00:09:21 +1200
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I've been trying to compile GNU Smalltalk 2.1.2 under Debian GNU/Linux unstable, and I've had some trouble getting configure to find the Tcl and Tk libraries. I passed --with-tcl=/usr/lib/tcl8.4 and --with-tk=/usr/lib/tk8.4 so that configure finds and, but even then it doesn't work out the correct include and link flags.

Running configure within script, as sh -x ./configure, I seem to have found the problem: configure is caching the results of the first test for tcl.h (trial 1) for the three other trials, so only the first locations tested will work. I tested this by editing configure and changing "for trial in 1 2 3 4" to "for trial in 4 1 2 3", and the Tcl and Tk libraries are now discovered correctly.

I haven't tried building Smalltalk yet; I'll report back if I have any problems there.

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