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[Help-smalltalk] [2.1.x][debian3.0] various questions

From: address@hidden
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] [2.1.x][debian3.0] various questions
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 19:05:24 +0200
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First, sorry for our poor english.

Running Smalltalk/V for a while , we have to move our code to an another implementation of Smalltalk for different reasons.

The GNU smalltalk community claims C is well interfaced with gst, that's a good point because we have to migrate a C/Ansi library driving RS232 lines from Smalltalk/V to a new implementation. The graphics charge of this old software is very low, we will not have pb to do it. We are using an Object filer distributed by Digitalk as a goodies with minor enhancement, GNU has a package called "Object dumping" able to perform the same job, an another good point. We end by seeing that Gst can be launched in a back ground mode,nice because our old code is batch intensive with very little user interaction.

We have to move to a new implementation of smalltalk environnement and we have to move to a Unix plateform. For newbies like us, it's not a tricky job ! After a 4 days effort, we accumulated difficulties to get up and running the GNU smalltalk environnement, we need help.

We tried to compile on NetBSD/Sparc 1.6, NetBSD/I386 1.6 and 1.6.1, Debian/i386 2.1, RedHat9.0, all failed with various messages. We finally tried on Debian 3.0 ,... ./configure; make; make install & run worked well ;-) In character mode, we are able to evaluate 1+2 and we get "3", for us, it's already a victory !

Our final objectives are to run gst on NetBSD 1.6.1 with 3 simultaneous running RS232 interfaces.

Well, we have to start by the beginning : running the graphical browser environnement, draw a rectangle , fill it with dumb characters. What we need to go forward are HardCopy examples of running well things.

* an /etc/profile and $HOME/.profile
* A copy of ls -lR on /usr/local/*
* How to suppress the emacs/lisp code, we don't want to install emacs on our machines and we don't understand why we have to manipulate lisp listening , anyway 'make' hangs on the file smalltalk-mode.el with NetBSD. *an Environnement variable with a set command before running a command like "gst -qK blox/" *How to launch a king of "Class Hierarchy Browser" as illustrated but not enought explained in the documentation ? *If you have additionnal URL to adequate documents, comments or anything else, you are welcome.
*Is there people speaking french inside the community ??
*Do we have a formely named leader for all Docs ?

All Smalltalk related documents of the project seems to be well readable for people coming from an another implementation. We'll have just to read it to do the job,(to be verified). All stuff related to the GNU smalltalk OS interface are more complicated for us.

If we are lucky boys, we will be able to deliver to the community an example of Smalltak/C RS232 interfaces.

Thanks to still reading us here and thanks by advance for idea and suggestion helping us to move forward.


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