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[Help-smalltalk] [2.1.5] on sun-sparc-solaris2.6

From: Nicolas Pelletier
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] [2.1.5] on sun-sparc-solaris2.6
Date: 03 Nov 2003 13:51:04 +0000
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I am happy to report that gst 2.1.5 successfully builds and passes all
its  tests on a  sun-sparc-solaris2.6 machine.  I tried  a traditional
interpreter (e.g. I did not pass --with-jit to configure)

However, it seems  that the implementation of usleep  does not work as
expected on  my system, so  that VMpr_Process_yield (libgst/prims.def)
gets stuck  down in  libc, in _sigsuspend,  and never comes  back from
that point :-( (where does the timer expiration go to ?)

I just  #undef'ed HAVE_USLEEP in  config.h, and things came  back into
order.  The man page for  usleep here describes usleep as "historical"
and points to setitimer as a replacement. I did not try this.


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