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[Help-smalltalk] Relying on C callouts

From: Lyndon Tremblay
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Relying on C callouts
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 16:46:13 -0700
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I am having several slighty massive hindrances relating to a design
which leverages a balanced hybrid design ST/C application. First:

$ ./iro
"Scavenging... 54% reclaimed, done.
/home/humasect/Projects/iroduke/ Aborted
[] in ProcessorScheduler>>#initialize
[] in Process>>#onBlock:at:suspend:
[] in Process>>#onBlock:at:suspend:
BlockContext class>>#fromClosure:parent:

(Line 26 being the last '!' in the file.)

I have several classes which are pure CObject derivatives. I have had
classes having instanceVariables which have needed to call
CObject>>variableWordSubclass to produce results. Is there some limit to
callouts? I can provide more code if needed; it mostly consists of
VMProxy->defineCFunc() and accompanying #defineCFunc:. Also, the GDB output:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 1024 (LWP 30761)]
0x0808c808 in remove_first_link (semaphoreOOP=0x42136800) at interp.c:1565
1565 process->myList = _gst_nil_oop;
(gdb) whe
#0 0x0808c808 in remove_first_link (semaphoreOOP=0x42136800) at
#1 0x0808c9d3 in sync_signal (semaphoreOOP=0x42137288) at interp.c:1492
#2 0x08092681 in _gst_interpret (processOOP=0x42180008) at
#3 0x080927d9 in _gst_nvmsg_send (receiver=0x42136800,
sendSelector=0x4217ffc0, args=0x0, sendArgs=0) at interp.c:2066
#4 0x08057ce8 in _gst_execute_statements (temporaries=0x42136800,
statements=0x8420114, quiet=true) at comp.c:658
#5 0x080518de in _gst_yyparse () at gst-parse.y:136
#6 0x08051e8d in _gst_parse_stream () at lex.c:1088
#7 0x08093bf7 in parse_stream_with_protection () at interp.c:2489
#8 0x080940f8 in VMpr_FileDescriptor_fileOp (id=0, numArgs=2)
at prims.def:5133
#9 0x082ddd12 in ?? ()

Something else, the summary of

#('Class1' 'Class2' 'Class3' 'Class4' 'Class5' 'Class6' 'Class7') do:
[ :name | FileStream fileIn: 'Classes/', name, '.st' ]!

<some calls that always work>
26: !


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