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[Help-smalltalk] FYI: GNU Smalltalk 2.1.5 on Cygwin

From: tuin01
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] FYI: GNU Smalltalk 2.1.5 on Cygwin
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 10:56:59 +0200

Concerning Cygwin dll: 1.5.9 (Complete install may 16, 2004)
GNU Smalltalk version 2.1.5
Windows XP (v 5.1) Professional SP1.

In directory where I've unpacked the smalltalk source package.

changed following files.
1.  smalltalk-2.1.5/i18n/i18n.c
         - added  #include <windows.h>
2. libgst/Makefile
        changed  -lgmp to /lib/ in these lines

libgst_la_LIBADD=libgst_la_LIBADD = $(top_builddir)/lib-src/ $(LIBSIGSEGV) \
        ${top_builddir}/libltdl/ ${top_builddir}/snprintfv/snprintfv/ -lreadline  /lib/

libgst_la_DEPENDENCIES = $(top_builddir)/lib-src/ $(LIBSIGSEGV) \
        ${top_builddir}/libltdl/ ${top_builddir}/snprintfv/snprintfv/ -lreadline  /lib/

make install

gst must be up and running.


I'll try and get 2.1.7 running, but has problem finding Glibc which is not available on cygwin.
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