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[Help-smalltalk] bug in gtk cpp logic in gst

From: Robert Collins
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] bug in gtk cpp logic in gst
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 21:21:48 +1000

I mailed this straight to Paolo, but he hasn't got an easy answer.. I'm
wondering if someone on the list has enough awk-foo to help out here...

The enum generation logic dies
when the gdkevents.h header from gtk 2.0 is present. It has the

typedef enum {
  GDK_FILTER_CONTINUE,    /* Event not handled, continue processesing */
  GDK_FILTER_TRANSLATE,   /* Native event translated into a GDK event
                             stored in the "event" structure that was 
                             passed in */
  GDK_FILTER_REMOVE       /* Terminate processing, removing event */
} GdkFilterReturn;`

in that header, and the enum output tries to create a enum with a C
symbol of 'stored'.

I've diddled my gdk header here 
to work around it... but thats probably
not optimal (as we can't stop upstream doing the same thing elsewhere. I
don't speak awk well enough to try fixing this just now ... sorry.

Having fixed this, and sent a couple of other patches into Paolo, I have
a GTK module here that runs up the Blox Browser main worksheet, with the
Smalltalk menu working.

A little more work and I should be able to evaluate code and do popup


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