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[Help-smalltalk] GNU Arch archive with gnu-smalltalk 2.1.8

From: Robert Collins
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] GNU Arch archive with gnu-smalltalk 2.1.8
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 11:06:38 +1000

For folk here that use arch:
address@hidden is at

For folk that don't use arch, here is a n extremly minimal howto for a)
getting the code from arch and b) making your own local archive. There
is much more documentation at &, or
#arch on (My nick is lifeless there, if you want me

a) Just getting the code:
- install tla (1.2 or newer) - I suggest using a precompiled binary if
your platform has them. Debian stable users should look on, debian sid or sarge users can just aptitude install tla.

- setup the environment:
$ tla my-id "Your Name <address@hidden>"
$ mkdir -p ~/arch/revisionlibrary
$ tla my-revision-library ~/arch/revisionlibrary
$ tla library-config --greedy --sparse ~/arch/revisionlibrary'

What this does is sets up a local cache which tla will use. If you move
file systems, copy your home dir around or whatever, just rm -rf
~/arch/revisionlibrary and run the two latter commands again.

- tell tla where my archive is:
$ tla register-archive  \

- checkout the devel code
$ tla get \
address@hidden/gnu-smalltalk--devel--2.1 \

- checkout my hacked up gtk bindings
$ tla get \
address@hidden/gnu-smalltalk--gtk-bindings--2.1 \

- you can look at what is in my archive easily:
$ tla abrowse address@hidden

- you can look at my current aggregate patch (currently includes all the
autoconf created files, will be fixing that in a few hours).
$ tla delta --diffs \ 

(the patch-numbers come from abrowse's output).

ok part b), creating your own archive and putting the code in it.

This will make a non-gpg signed archive, as I don't know whether you
guys have gpg keys etc etc. If you do, let me know, and I 'll send a
slightly different set of instructions.

- make a place to put archives 
$ mkdir -p ~/arch/archives
- decide on an archive name. The convention is emailaddress--description
  i.e. address@hidden 
  archive names have to be globally unique - don't use an email address
that isn't yours!
- make your arch archive
$ tla make-archive address@hidden ~/arch/archives/ \

The second parameter is the directory to create and put the archive in:
I use the archive name as the dir name for convenience.

- now put the code from my archive into yours
$ tla tag -S address@hidden/gnu-smalltalk--
devel--2.1  address@hidden/gnu-smalltalk--devel--2.1

- checkout your code:
$ tla get address@hidden/gnu-smalltalk--devel--2.1 \

- make a change 
$ cd directory-name..
$ do stuff

- see what changes are occuring:

$ tla changes [--diffs]

- commit the changes
$ tla commit -s "I did stuff"

oh, and:
tla add
tla rm
tla mv

will add remove and move files, retaining history.

I'll update the archive to the latest beta code once Paolo uploads that.


GPG key available at: <>.

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