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[Help-smalltalk] GTK+ news

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] GTK+ news
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 23:42:03 +0200
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Hi, I've made some quite heavy work on Robert's blox-gtk (I started from patch-78, luckily as of now there are no more commits). The result is that the browser works pretty well with Gtk+ without any modifications to the kernel/ and browser/ directories. Layout is done using (blasphemy...) the GtkPlacer geometry manager, which is my Gtk+ implementation of the Tk placer.

The changes are very hard to post here because I made some refactoring (there was some misunderstanding about container/connected: I wanted every object to have a connected widget, identical to the container if necessary).

However, given the severe bug that save.c had in the last beta, I may do another public release before I upload the arch archive to; I'll also release 2.1.9 now that the changes to the Gtk+ bindings are stabilized.

Summary of changes anyway is:
- I moved the GtkScrolledWindow stuff up to BViewport.
- I changed BForm to use GtkPlacer.
- I changed several methods in BText to be more consistent with what the Tk methods do.
- I did the change to have a VBox *and* Placer in a BWindow.
- I implemented BContainer>>#stretch:
- I moved the GtkUIManager to the menu bar. Menus are quite messy (because at some moment they just stopped working and I hacked them until they worked again :-) and I am not satisfied but it works.
- I fixed some FIXMEs :-)
- I added support for popup menus.

Thank you very much Robert for allowing me to do a warm start!


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