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RE: [Help-smalltalk] re: compiling gst 2.1.8 on darwin

From: Bonzini Paolo
Subject: RE: [Help-smalltalk] re: compiling gst 2.1.8 on darwin
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 10:29:44 +0100

> But now I get a new error.  It looks like there is a problem in the  
> inclusion of "poll.h".  I played
> around with this but was unable to resolve the problem.  I continued to  
> get the make output listed below.

Remove lib-src/poll.h and it should work.  I have now got a PowerBook from my 
employer and am testing it.  So far it can build the image and even write the 
documentation, but it fails when building the testsuite image.


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