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[Help-smalltalk] Re: Smalltalk mailing list & compilation

From: lrotger
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Re: Smalltalk mailing list & compilation
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 13:11:21 +0200
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Yes, that should be fixed. The online manual has not been updated for a long time. You can do "make pdf" after installing and get nice manuals in pdf format (or also "make html").

I had no problem doing both after I updated my (aging) system. The manuals are more up to date and I have started to play around with the browser. It's very interesting.

The browser is cross platform, it works equally for Tk and Gtk (but the latter is experimental). But you probably don't have the Tcl/Tk development packages installed. Look for in your disk, it is probably not there.

I loaded the development files for Tcl/Tk but I had to load also glib 2.0, I had glib 1.2 and configure complained about it but you have to look carefully while it runs to notice that. Maybe I'd suggest you repeat the problems at the end for the users who don't stare at configure running?

but I thought you don't have to declare anything in Smalltalk!?

No, you do have to declare temporary variables.

Okay, I thought I had some "interactive" environment there but the browser does it.

No problem, if there are any suggestions you can make I (and the few other contributors) are all ears.

Maybe if you group the problems configure encounters at the end it would make things easier, or maybe something like "configure found problems. Look at config.log" would suffice.


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