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Re: [Help-smalltalk] Contributions to the code and getting the latest

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] Contributions to the code and getting the latest
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 13:12:52 -0500
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Bram Neijt wrote:
> Now I would like to add some more documentation to some of the
> packages in the form of comments to functions (the GTK and Regex
> packages for example).

I have actually been wondering if patches of this sort to the RB code
in compiler/ would be accepted.  For now, I am keeping my own separate
docs on it.

> How can I get the latest source and development and how does the
> process of code  contribution work?

Use GNU Arch 1.3.4 or later.  I guess there is this bazaar thing that
is compatible but I really don't know about using it.

tla my-id 'Bram Neijt <address@hidden>' # if first-time tla user
tla register-archive address@hidden \
tla get -A address@hidden smalltalk--devo--2.2

Use tla update or tla replay as appropriate (read the gnu arch wiki)
in the resultant tree to update the sources.

That archive is actually a mirror of the one Mr Bonzini actually uses.
 I use the one because it seemed more responsive when
I re-registered, but the original is (archive name
address@hidden if such things matter to you).

Stephen Compall

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