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RE : [Help-smalltalk] MingW port of GNU Smalltalk

From: Bonzini Paolo
Subject: RE : [Help-smalltalk] MingW port of GNU Smalltalk
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 17:18:25 +0200

> I've gotten 2.2 to work on cygwin and to compile on mingw (after some
> source hacking), however, my efforts don't seem to have paid off. The
> executable I could create doesn't function properly.

Cygwin should not be a problem.  For Mingw, please send me the source hacking.

> Has anybody gotten further or are there any hints into getting it to work?

Unfortunately I don't have a Windows machine (I'm on PPC, so Mac OS/Linux 
there, plus I have ssh access to some i686-linux machines but no i686-darwin or 

> PS The lexer module (lex.c) seems to be hand made, is this true or is
> there a flex file somewhere?

No, there is none.  In fact, the bigger problem of hand made lexers is actually 
managing the input buffers, and this is something that would require 
considerable hacking even with flex (see input.c).  Hence the choice of a 
hand-written lexer.
In more recent versions, the parser is also hand made.

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