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RE : [Help-smalltalk] Re: Re: MingW port o f GNU Smalltalk

From: Bonzini Paolo
Subject: RE : [Help-smalltalk] Re: Re: MingW port o f GNU Smalltalk
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 13:26:39 +0200

> However, trying Mingw got me into problems with poll.c. The
> sollution seemed simple: rewriting a few defines, include <window.h>
> and link in libwsock32.

Right, now I remember.  GNU Smalltalk uses poll assuming that it works also 
with consoles and so on.  Code to deal with this is present in GLib, but it 
would be quite hard to recycle all of it -- at some point, you end up rewriting 
part of Cygwin...  Linking winsock will not work because its select (which is 
the basis for the implementation of poll) only works for sockets.

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